Vlog Application

What were the three top challenges preparing for or during your time abroad and how did you/do you plan to overcome them?

Your video needs to be upoaded to YouTube and the URL pasted in the field above, other video formats will not be accpeted.

Please DO NOT use an embed code, your video URL should look something like this ‘https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7YM7iYtPRY

We just need some supporting details to process your application. Please answer all questions.

Your Details

University Details

Incoming Students: You are an incoming student if you are currently registered at an overseas institution and plan to come to the UK for your period of study abroad.

Outgoing Students: You are an outgoing student if you are currently registered at a UK institution and will leave the UK for your period of study abroad.

Please confirm the name of the BUTEX institution to which you are affiliated. You may be affiliated to this institution as an incoming or outgoing student.

Placement Duration

Your study abroad placement will need to have been formally confirmed at the time of scholarship award but need not be confirmed when you apply for the scholarship. If you don’t know exact dates please provide your best estimate.

How to Apply

Your Vlog application should be no longer than 90 seconds.

Please upload your video to YouTube and tell us where to find it on the application form.

If you are not abroad already, you can focus on challenges that you have or might encounter whilst preparing for your time abroad or you think you might encounter whilst you are abroad

If you are already abroad, you can focus on your preparation before departure or on challenges you have already met whilst abroad

Remember that BUTEX will want to be able to use your submissions to help our members continuously improve the advice & support we give to students, so keep that in mind when you are considering what to discuss

A total maximum of 100 points will be awarded as described below in the marking criteria.

Max Available

Identifying the top 3 challenges
10 points per challenge


Explaining how you overcame/plan to overcome each challenge
10 points per explanation


Ensuring your submission is engaging *
Up to 15 points


Originality *
Up to 15 points


Highlighting useful resources (e.g. websites)
1 point per resource


Sticking to the word/length/size limit
5 points


* Ensuring your submission is engaging

  • Not engaging at all = 0 points
  • A little engaging = 5 points
  • Quite engaging = 10 points
  • Extremely engaging = 15 points

* Originality

  • Not original = 0
  • Somewhat original = 5
  • Quite original = 10
  • Innovative= 15

If you have enquiries about BUTEX, please fill and submit our enquiry form or alternatively contact us using the following details.