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Thinking of studying abroad? Take a look at our student testimonials and be inspired!

Studying abroad is nothing short of a life-changing experience. In undertaking one, you are not only putting yourself in a position to learn about another country and culture- you are also learning a lot about yourself as well.

I can achieve so much more than I thought possible. I have met so many people, seen so many new places and cultures. My confidence has bloomed, and so have my opportunities. Now, I can visit my friend in Canada, travel around Taiwan with a fellow exchange student or learn Finnish whilst staying on my friend's couch in Helsinki.

Studying abroad, you widen your gaze of the world, yourself, and make new connections around the globe. I am so glad I came.

Bethan Jones
Newcastle University

I’m halfway through my stay in Paris for my study abroad year at Sorbonne Nouvelle – it’s been a wonderful challenge that has only gotten better. I suffer from severe anxiety and panic disorder, something I have learned to be open about; this was one of my biggest fears of going abroad, due to not knowing if I could manage my mental health while away. Nevertheless, my worries did not stop me from having incredible experiences: seeing museums and galleries, learning new things both within the language and culture, and of course, meeting some amazing new friends.

This year abroad has so far helped me overcome my nerves, be comfortable in unfamiliar situations and to believe in myself and my future. Thanks to the brilliant Erasmus programme, very kind encouragement from schemes such as BUTEX, and the support from universities and mental health affiliations, students around the world, such as myself, can experience this unforgettable, fantastic opportunity to go abroad.

Chloe Lim
Queen Mary University of London

Studying abroad was an opportunity I gripped tightly onto amidst the COVID chaos. There were several moments where I thought about giving up due to the uncertainty of the situation and the additional administrative matters that came along with it. However, seniors who have been on such exchanges constantly encouraged me to persist.

Months later, here I am in England, enjoying the beauty of the new country. I have been travelling around to explore every weekend, admiring the intricate designs of the olden buildings and clear skies, void of skyscrapers that littered the horizon back in my home country. It has truly been a one of a kind experience, and I am excited to venture further in my UK journey.

Nephele Yun Ting Ng
National University of Singapore

When making the spontaneous decision to apply for an Exchange Programme, I had no idea what I was truly getting myself into.

Studying abroad in a new country with a language different to your own; a country where your whole support system is far away from you, is all about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, ensuring you immerse yourself in the culture, and still take care of yourself. Although everything I knew was challenged by Italy, and my envisions for my future was being questioned, it didn’t take me long to call Milan home.

I will always be grateful for the global mindset and versatility that this experience has provided and its value for my future.

Riya Srivastava
Queen Mary University of London

It is daunting to move to a new city - to accustom to the culture, the language, and the surroundings, but you will find yourself growing around the challenges and pushed to heights that you never imagined possible.

Studying abroad has blessed me with experiences that I would never have had the chance to do otherwise. I now feel as if I see the world so much more lucidly than when I left home. I have a new appreciation for my life in the UK, while also having the confidence that I can travel anywhere and achieve anything in my future.

Ruby Thompson
University of Birmingham

Studying abroad has been a life-changing experience and a year I will never forget. The experiences you gain, the lessons you learn and the people you meet are so valuable and will have such a positive impact on your life. It certainly did for me. It allowed me to gain knowledge on new cultures, traditions, languages, societal norms, and political systems.

Meeting people from all walks of life and travelling to see France and Italy was my favourite part about studying abroad, you meet different characters and acquire knowledge from locals about the country, that you wouldn't learn at University.

I have come out of this experience with a different mindset. One that is more motivated, mature, independent, adaptive, patient and the drive to get myself out of my comfort-zone.

Rose Tehrani
University of Bath

Spending a year in Madrid has been the most exciting and interesting year of my life so far. Some people see a year abroad as a year-long holiday – this isn’t exactly true; a year abroad is not easy, but it’s definitely a challenge that I encourage everyone to experience.

Not only has my year abroad allowed me to meet people from all over the world, but also to integrate into and learn about new cultures. The biggest advantage for me was the immediate immersion into a new language – this isn’t easy and it’s frustrating at times, however I wouldn’t be anywhere near the level of Spanish I’m at now if it wasn’t for my year abroad – you just have to dive in headfirst!

Bela Thomas
The University of Manchester

We talk of globalization and diversity, but we never truly grasp the profundity of these notions until we’re halfway across the world. Here, you are without family, without the support of your friends you’ve already throughout your life. But it is only through such experiences that we understand the breadth of opportunities that are present in the world—employability in industries you’ve only dreamed of working in; lifestyles that you’ve never even heard of; and yes, all the cultural shocks that come with living in a new country. The world is not your oyster—it’s a treasure trove, and with the help of a scholarship such as BUTEX, it’s up to you to brave the winds and seize your riches.

Man Ski Mina Chan
Chinese University of Hong Kong

I was not sure I understood the meaning of a “life-changing event” until I studied abroad in Edinburgh. Along the way, I realized that my time spent in Scotland was more than a chance to cultivate my studies or broaden my academic achievements, although that was a big part of it that I greatly appreciated. I realized that what I gained from my experiences living in a different country and the people I lived those experiences with are what I will hold the closest to my heart.

I saw landscapes that awed me, I lived completely independently, and most importantly, I came to recognize parts of myself that were lost to me before Edinburgh allowed me to find them. I came out of the other side as a more passionate and optimistic person, and I believe that getting the opportunity to discover something like that about yourself is a perfect reason to study abroad.

Sophia Schoen
University of Puget Sound, United States

For any music student, getting the opportunity to study abroad in Chicago is truly a life -and career- changing opportunity. Although I had saved money to ‘get by’ on my travels, it was BUTEX’s scholarship that gave me the opportunity to explore the authentic ‘music scene’ of Chicago. It was these live music experiences that broadened my musical appreciation of different genres and really allowed me to flourish by incorporating these different techniques in my own performance.

So many of the benefits of studying abroad come from experiencing a new culture, and BUTEX’s scholarship allowed me flexibility to be able to do just that. I can’t wait to see where my travels, and studies, will take me next.

Rebecca Farrell
Bath Spa University

At first, studying abroad might seem like a daunting experience. However, once we overcome that little voice that is just the fear of the unknown, we open ourselves to a sea of possibilities.

In my case, it only took a few weeks before a gigantic and diverse city such as London became my home. Now, I know my way around every tube line and I even have my secret spots where I like to have my daily coffee.

Academically, UCL is a dream come true. But studying abroad is so much more than lectures and essays. It’s about learning new ways of living, transmitting your culture, developing your own ideas, being independent, having fun, and most of all, an opportunity to rediscover oneself within a global community.

Catalina Aguilar Valdez
University of San Andrés, Argentina

Do you ever wish to get out your comfort zone? A study abroad programme offers an ideal opportunity to do just that... and more. I discovered a new culture and a new environnment while studying at the University of Leeds, but my greatest discoveries were the individuals I encountered along the way. Living in a different city requires you to get out there and meet new people. I will be eternally grateful for this experience, which helped shape me into a more friendly and outgoing person. I leave Leeds with a mind full of memories and the clear intention of returning to see my new friends.

Marie Albert
Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada

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